2013 Compendium of Notable California Legislation

LIS has published its annual Compendium of notable California legislation for 2013 at https://www.legintent.com/legislation/legislation2013.pdf The Compendium is not exhaustive, but it does reflect some of the major bills that were reported on in our California newspapers and were supported or opposed by some of California’s more established stakeholders, such as the League of California Cities, the California Teachers Association, California Manufacturers and Technology, the Consumer Attorneys of California, and the California State Bar. California has been enacting laws since 1850, when it became a state, and at Legislative Intent ... Read More >

Legislative Intent Service Meets the Research Needs of Law Firms and Offices

Today’s “Big Law” and “Medium Law” firms are transitioning into their professional futures by focusing on specific areas of practice and by limiting their in-house staffing and counsel, among other major changes to the practice of law.  Whether your practice is national or state-wide, Legislative Intent Service, Inc. [“LIS”] is a legislative history and intent research law firm that can assist this transition into the new world facing old and new law practices. Areas of Practice:  At LIS, we have researched almost every area of law, from civil, civil procedure, business, family and insurance to penal, probate, water, and vehicle, just to ... Read More >