Legislative Intent Services, Inc. Clients’ Testimonials

“The leg history documents … included language we were looking for in almost the same words.  You brightened the day for 3 people, 2 co-counsel and myself.”
—Attorney in Sacramento

“Thank you so very much for this quick and thorough report.  Turns out to contain exactly what we need”
—Attorney in Newport Beach

“You guys were great and your work really helped in an appeal I had.  I’m grateful you’re around to help!”
—Attorney in Santa Monica

“I stumbled on the need for a leg. history of a statute near my filing date for a brief, but you all managed to get me exactly what I needed in a timely and cost-effective manner and I am grateful.”
—Manhattan Beach Attorney

“The materials were exactly what we were looking for!”
—San Francisco Attorney

“I was planning on going [to Sacramento] to do this research myself.  I’m sure glad I called you.”
—Small Business Owner from Fort Bragg, CA

“Thank you for all your help.  I downloaded [the legislative history] as you suggested.  It is a treasure trove of helpful commentary and authority.”
—Attorney in Long Beach, CA

“Thank you all for your impressive work.  You’re a fabulous resource!”
—Librarian from Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you … my attorneys are happy.”
—Paralegal from San Francisco, CA

“Exactly what we needed, exactly when we needed it!”
—Attorney in San Diego, CA

“Thank you so much.  You guys are the greatest and make my life so much easier.”
—Research Librarian in Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks, very much, for your thoughtful, quick and very helpful replies.  I’d recommend your services to anyone …”
Attorney in San Francisco, CA

“Your company’s service is considered one of the best in your field and is highly respected in the State Capitol.”
—Attorney in San Diego, CA

“As always, I appreciate your firm’s excellent response and great customer service.”
—Attorney from Salinas, CA

“Thank you so much for all of your incredibly thorough work on this project.”
—Law Librarian from Chicago, IL

“Your compilations of legislative history were very helpful to the success of the . . . case. Don’t hesitate to share the fact that you were involved in the case!”
—Attorney from San Francisco, CA

“Your research was very helpful and may clinch the case!”
—Attorney from Baltimore, MD

“I have always been happy with Legislative Intent Service’s work product. You become conversant with a statute, and its goals and policy choices, in a way that allows the court to rely on your analysis.”
—Attorney from San Diego, CA

“Thank you as always for your great help!”
—Law Librarian from Cerritos, CA

“You provided an excellent legislative history. . .I would like to have additional research done on the same subject area. . .”
— Attorney from Redwood City, CA

“It is always a pleasure to work with you!”
Attorney from Beverly Hills

“Thank you for your prompt response. The information you provided us is very helpful.”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“Your fees are incredibly reasonable!”
—Investigator from Los Angeles, CA

“I’m so glad you guys exist!”
—Attorney from Santa Rosa, CA

“Thank you very much for your excellent assistance.”
—Attorney from Sacramento, CA

“Thank you for a fine job.”
—Attorney from Bakersfield, CA

“I always enjoy your work. It’s detailed and comprehensive.”
—Attorney from San Pedro

“Thank you so very much. The justice is very happy!”
—Court Librarian from CA

“Your company does a tremendous service.”
—Attorney from Huntington Beach

“When you walk into court with a LIS Binder you become the voice of authority.”
—Attorney from Monterey, CA

“Thanks for the education . . . It’s making sense to me now.”
—Paralegal from Century City, CA

“As always, your customer service goes above and beyond. When you need Leg Intent, there is no other choice but you!”
—Law Librarian from Santa Barbara, CA

“Apart from the MCLE opportunity, this exercise [LIS Self-Study Exam] and the underlying information were much appreciated for the guidance they provide regarding the State legislative process.”
—Attorney from Sacramento, CA

“Thank you for a fine job.”
—Attorney from Bakersfield, CA

“We hit a home run. I didn’t think you would find anything, but you did.”
—Court Counsel from Los Angeles, CA

“It [your online store] is a terrific addition to your site.”
—Law Librarian from Los Angeles, CA

“It’s wonderful you are doing this [onine research store]; it’s a great idea!”
—Law Librarian from Santa Monica, CA

“Thanks very much for your help on this. . . . is exactly what we were looking for. Once again, I’m completely satisfied with Legislative Intent!”
—Attorney from Irvine, CA

“I have always been happy with your company’s work in the past, and will continue using it as needed in the future.”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“Thanks again for your superior customer service – we appreciate it.”
—Reference Librarian from San Francisco, CA

“When it’s an important issue, you are the “go to” people!”
—Attorney from Anaheim, CA

“Twice in the past your research has made the difference between losing and winning my case!”
—Attorney from San Francisco, CA

“Your online store is a good place to begin at a very reasonable price!”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“You [and] your staff do excellent work, and saved us time and expense.”
—Attorney from Irvine, CA

“Thank you . . .I learn some great stuff from you guys!”
—Law Librarian from San Francisco, CA

“…but given the amount at stake for our client on this issue I don’t want to risk being foreclosed…or have something important missing and I’m confident that the good researchers at Leg Intent won’t miss anything,. . .”
—Attorney from San Francisco, CA

“You’ve done such an excellent job and that’s why I keep coming back”
—Attorney from Corona, CA

“Thank you very much for your help. My motion based upon your research was successful.”
—Attorney from San Rafael, CA

“You’ve done great work for us. We used you many times and every time you’ve done a great job.”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“I love that you have this new website [the online store] . . . This makes it so easy.”
—Attorney from Davis, CA

“Thanks for your assistance. The quoted prices are a true bargain for the incredible service you provide. We are fortunate to have access to a person of your skill and experience…”
—Court Counsel from Southern CA

“. . .I appreciate everything you do, you guys do a great job.”
—Attorney from La Jolla, CA

“We are a very satisfied customer and now we want to order again!”
—Attorney from Oceanside, CA

“The attorney who asked [for the]. . .legislative history was very pleased with Legislative Intent Service’s work product. Us using you guys again, goes without saying.”
—Law Librarian from San Diego, CA

“You do a phenomenal job! This [online store] is the coolest thing ever — It was a hit in my office!”
—Law Librarian from New York City, NY

“[Your] points and authorities are probably the best selling tool of your service.”
—Attorney from CA State Bar Meeting

“I wish I had known about you a long time ago — I could have been using you all this time!”
—Attorney from Idaho

“You do a great job and it’s reasonably priced. It’s a lot cheaper than we could do it!”
—Attorney from CA State Bar Meetings

“Can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to pick up the phone and order legislative history. There are other services, but you guys are the best.”
—Law Librarian from San Francisco, CA

“Whenever we are struggling to get a motion finished and we just can’t seem to find the right cases and statutes, etc., to back up what we are trying to tell the court, we call Legislative Intent. As soon as we print out the e-mailed information from them, we just look at each other and say “why did we wait so long to call them?””
—Paralegal from Murphys, CA

“We want our clients to work smarter, not harder!”
—Attorney from Sacramento, CA

“So glad you’re there. This is information we just can’t track down.”
—Law Librarian from Los Angeles, CA

“[On the MCLE Presentation]: This is real world stuff.”
—Attorney from Orange County

“We rely so much on you, I don’t know what we would do without your company…”
—Attorney from San Francisco

“You guys are great. You have a wonderful service. I just want to compliment you.”
—Attorney from Riverside, CA

“[Yours] is the first website where I was offered immediate help and received the item the same day! Thanks again.”
—Attorney from Chicago, Illinois

“I am fortunate to have discovered your services.”
—Paralegal from Pasadena, CA

“Thank you for your excellent service.”
—Attorney from Pasadena, CA

“What you gave me was terrific, exactly what we wanted.”
—Attorney from Santa Ana, CA

“Thank you so much! You provide a great service.”
—Paralegal from Newport Beach, CA

“I found very helpful the extensive legislative history prepared at our request on short notice…I was likewise impressed by the thoroughness and depth of the research.”
—Attorney from San Jose, CA

“Your work was wonderful last time. That’s why we’re using you again.”
—Attorney from San Diego, CA

“You guys have done a great job for me in the past.”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“. . . you guys are great!”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“Just want to tell you that when I practiced law, we used you and inevitably we won the case due to the legislative history.”
—Attorney from CA State Bar Meetings

“You have made us stars; you are the greatest. I don’t know who invented you, but they were smart.”
—Paralegal from Oceanside, CA

“Your report was extremely helpful and timely! Thanks so much.”
—-Attorney from San Diego, CA

“Thank you for being so responsive and providing such a great service!”
—Law Librarian from Orange County, CA

“As always Legislative Intent has helped our firm in a time of panic. Thank you for your help in solving our problem. We appreciate your help and service.”
—Law Librarian from Santa Barbara, CA

“I won my appeal. . .I am very proud of Legislative Intent Service. I definitely will use you in the future and recommend you to others.”
—Attorney from Santa Monica, CA

“We’re really impressed. It’s called happy camper time.”
—Attorney from San Francisco, CA

(Upon winning a Motion for Summary Judgment) “As I left the courthouse I noticed that the sky was bluer, the birds sang louder and surf was up. All of this I attribute to the helpful folks at Legislative Intent Service.”
—Attorney from Manhattan Beach, CA

“It’s a service that a law firm can’t afford to be without. It’s like having a loaded gun in your pocket.”
—Law Librarian from Santa Barbara, CA

“I love your new Store. It has saved me several times in the last several weeks.”
—Attorney from Berkeley, CA

“Thank you. Great Job.”
—Attorney from Carlsbad, CA

“…wanted to let you know that [we] found your research and report absolutely top drawer!”
—Attorney from Idaho

“You guys are hot stuff! I mean, it’s reassuring to know you’re out there!”
—Investigator from Southern CA

“Anyone going through these materials don’t know what it is they have . . . your summary’s pretty good!”
—Attorney from Beverly Hills, CA

“Thanks…This is a great package and analysis you’ve put together—you’ve saved me a huge amount of research.”
—Attorney from Sacramento, CA

“Thanks for all your help. . . You’re the best :)”
—Law Librarian from Cerritos, CA

“Great [MCLE] presentation.”
—Attorney from Orange County, CA

“… thanks again for your prompt service. I will definitely be referring colleagues your way if they need legislative intent help.”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for all your hard work!”
—Attorney from Los Angeles, CA