2013 Compendium of Notable California Legislation

LIS has published its annual Compendium of notable California legislation for 2013 at https://www.legintent.com/legislation/legislation2013.pdf

The Compendium is not exhaustive, but it does reflect some of the major bills that were reported on in our California newspapers and were supported or opposed by some of California’s more established stakeholders, such as the League of California Cities, the California Teachers Association, California Manufacturers and Technology, the Consumer Attorneys of California, and the California State Bar.

California has been enacting laws since 1850, when it became a state, and at Legislative Intent Service, Inc., LIS researches bills going back to that early legislative session.  But, the types of materials that we find in the 1850’s will be different from the materials we find for the 1950’s and different from those we provide in 2013.  In addition, the Legislature’s focus for each session will be different, many times reflecting the issues of that moment or era, such as the 1911 rage against the “machine” that brought Gov. Hiram Johnson and initiative balloting into power, or the energy crises in the 1970’s and later in 2001 that led to Governor Gray Davis’ recall, or more recently the 2009 and 2010 recession, mortgage-backed securities and housing debacle that led to new solutions and laws relating to the state budget.

This year, Gov. Jerry Brown signed 800 bills into law, vetoing 96 bills.  The topics for the successful bills ranged fom immigration and guns to fracking and election law reform. It was reported in the Sacramento Bee that over the course of Gov. Brown’s three terms as governor, he has signed into law more than 13,500 regular session bills.

We at LIS are very happy to provide this annual resource to our clients because the Compendium is a useful legislative history resource for our clients and for anyone else seeking to learn about the new California laws enacted during the 2013 legislative session.  We want our clients to consider LIS their legislative history resource for past and new legislation!

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