Legislative Intent Service Meets the Research Needs of Law Firms and Offices

Today’s “Big Law” and “Medium Law” firms are transitioning into their professional futures by focusing on specific areas of practice and by limiting their in-house staffing and counsel, among other major changes to the practice of law.  Whether your practice is national or state-wide, Legislative Intent Service, Inc. [“LIS”] is a legislative history and intent research law firm that can assist this transition into the new world facing old and new law practices.

Areas of Practice:  At LIS, we have researched almost every area of law, from civil, civil procedure, business, family and insurance to penal, probate, water, and vehicle, just to name few.  Many of our clients have added to their knowledge and expertise in their area of practice by having LIS provide them with the legislative history for statutes that the firm finds itself addressing multiple times, thus providing the client with inside, valuable knowledge of the history and intent driving that statute.  The materials and documents that we provide can be retained by the client indefinitely and reused for all relevant cases in the law office.  Having such information always available allows the client in any moving and briefing papers relevant to that legislation to draw conclusions based upon the assumption that the client’s interpretation of the statutory language was intended to be consistent with the overall goal of the legislation. Even if the client is unable to find specific discussion on the issue at hand, the materials may provide an arguable assessment of the goals and purpose that could be applicable to the particular situation. Thus, an in-house digital collection of relevant legislative history materials will enhance your knowledge in your area of practice.

Staff/Counsel Limitation:  With our staff attorneys directing the research by our skilled staff researchers, LIS can free up valuable research resources in your law office and provide you with legislative history research quickly.  Locating the volume of relevant legislative history material within your time parameters is part of our successful business model over the last 40 years. We have developed research protocols for almost every type of state and federal legislative session and era so that you will receive all relevant and surviving documents relating to your specific legislative history project. In fact, LIS’ thoroughness and materials have been recognized by the courts   Our research skills will free up your support staff and counsel to focus on the daily matters in your office and also to get ahead on the issues facing your clients.

Containing Costs:  Our research fees are reasonable and we offer different approaches to legislative history and intent research:  1) customized and complete with different time frames and fees, or 2) not-as-complete but immediately available via our online store at an economical fee of $300.  We can tell you all about our fees and time frames either in person (1-800-666-1917) or by email.  Because complete legislative history research is not readily available to the public, the costs of legislative history research fees are a recoverable cost. (Van de Kamp v. Gumbiner, 221 CA3d 1260 (1990)).