Our newsletter, Engrossment, began in Spring 2004. Our Fall and Winter issues are visible below. Previous archived issues below are formatted as PDF documents.

Engrossment – Winter 2014

Social Media Bullying by Students Can be Stopped

Public schools may now suspend or expel students for bullying by an electronic act that originated off school grounds. Bullying via an “electronic act” means the creation and the transmission of a communication by means of an electronic device …   Read more…

Elder Financial Abuse Expanded

AB 140 would modernize the definition of undue influence for elder financial abuse and related probate matters, a definition that has not been revised since 1872.  Read more…

Engrossment – Fall 2013

Olive Oil Commission

We now have a state Olive Oil Commission and with it all of the accompanying bureaucratic components, such as membership, boards of directors, and creation of quality standards.  Read more…

California Liberty Preservation Law

AB 351 enacts a new Penal Code provision to refuse to support the implementation of any federal law authorizing indefinite detention of a Californian under a federal law protecting against terrorist attacks.  Read more…

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