Legislative Intent Service History

Legislative Research Attorney Tom StallardLegislative Intent Service, Inc. was started by Tom Stallard and Bill Keller following their employment in the California Legislature. Responding to the needs of numerous frustrated telephone callers seeking legislative information, they recognized the need for an organized system for retrieval of legislative documentation, combined with the provision of specific and well-crafted explanations to allow lawyers and others the opportunity to make effective use of these esoteric materials.

That was in 1974. Today, lawyers and the Courts themselves have come to rely on Legislative Intent Service, Inc. as the authoritative source for legislative documentation. In fact, Legislative Intent Service, Inc. is cited in nearly 70 appellate or state Supreme Court opinions.

Tom purchased a historical building in downtown Woodland, CA in the early 1980s that he restored to its former glory. Legislative Intent Service, Inc., has been headquartered there ever since. See how the Legislative Intent Service, Inc., building has changed over time.

Bill Keller retired from Legislative Intent Service, Inc. in 2006 and since then, Tom Stallard and Maria Sanders, the Chief Operating Officer, have been streamlining operations and moving the company forward in a more efficient, paperless direction.