Latest Legislation . . . and its past history: Assembly Bill 1576 of 2014, amending Labor Code §6319.3 and 6401.7 “California Condoms in Porn” Bill

Latest Legislation . . . and its past history: Assembly Bill 1576 of 2014, amending Labor Code §6319.3 and 6401.7 “California Condoms in Porn” Bill Assembly Bill 1576 authored by Assembly member Isadore Hall and known as “California’s condoms in porn” bill is making its way through the Legislature this session.  This bill requires, among other items, that an adult film employer ensures “personal protective equipment” be used during the production of an adult film.  Assembly Bill 1576 has been amended four times as of May 14, 2014 and currently proposes to amend Labor Code sections 6319.3 and 6401.7. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation ... Read More >

California Assembly Bill 1844 of 2012

Access Granted for Social Media Users Assembly member Campos authored this California bill that governs employment practices regarding the usage of social media. The bill adds Section 980 of the CA Labor code to define “social media” as various electronic resources ranging from emails to vlogs (video blogs). AB 1844 also protects current and prospective employees of an organization from having to provide usernames, passwords, or content of their social media outlets to their employers, and by this law, will not be released or threatened to be released from employment if they violate such requests of their employers. Senate Bill 1349, ... Read More >

California Assembly Bill 1964 of 2012

Accommodations for Adornment  Amending the FEHA AB 1964, authored by member Yamada amends sections 12926 and 12940 of the Government Code to provide accommodations for religious adornment or grooming in the workplace. As an amendment to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), AB 1964 specifies provisions relating to apparel, hairstyles, jewelry, etc. as reflections of religious freedom and equality for CA employees. Similar changes were also proposed by Assembly Bill 2386, which was chaptered in September of 2012 and became effective alongside AB 1964 on January 1, 2013. Please contact us at 800-666-1917 for more information ... Read More >

California Assembly Bill 2109 of 2012

Immunity from Immunizations: Child Vaccine Law Takes Effect AB 2109, authored by Assembly member Pan of Sacramento, affects section 120365 of the CA Health and Safety Code to amend provisions of exemptions for immunizations given to school children. Existing law enforces full immunization of children attending public or private schools, nurseries, day cares and other types of care centers, as well as enforces exemptions with the authorization of an affidavit prepared by the parent or guardian who can claim that the immunizations contradict their personal beliefs.  AB 2109 will require said letter or affidavit to be submitted with a ... Read More >