New California Law Could Give Consumers More Control Over Online Privacy

federal regulationsFor the past several years, consumers have been fighting for their right to more privacy when using online platforms. And under a new California law, they might just get the online privacy protections they’ve been asking for.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed a new law into effect that is considered the nation’s more strict law regarding online privacy. The law goes into effect in January 2020 and will allow consumers to know what personal information is being collected by companies and where it’s being shared. Furthermore, consumers will be allowed to have their information deleted by companies that obtain it and not allow them to sell it.

Under current federal regulations, consumers have grown wary of the fact that there is a large amount of data that is collected every day and it isn’t as regulated as it should be. For example, consumers were distraught after 87 million Facebook users had their data stolen. This new state legislation aims to lessen the chances of something like this happening again in the future.

But while consumers are all for this new California legislature, many big companies are expressing concerns. Many companies use consumer information for good — like for loyalty programs or inventory control. From marketing efforts to deciding what items are in store, companies often rely on receiving information from their customers.

Corporations like Verizon, ATandT, Facebook, and Google have already expressed objections and are already making plans to fight for change. However, this version of the law is more lenient than a more restrictive initiative that would have also given consumers the right to sue a company if their personal data is compromised.

More and more federal laws are being passed regarding internet security. Just recently, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation was passed, which pushed companies around the world to practice better privacy policies. But state and federal regulations are always changing, especially with there being more than 300 bills currently waiting for Senate action.

As more people find innovative ways to use the Internet, more laws are created to protect its users. This new law is expected to be a guide for other states in the country and it may be the start of a new privacy movement.

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