California Gov. Jerry Brown Signs Historic Green Energy Bill

california legislatureLike all in states, the California legislature has changed drastically over time. And while there are more than 300 bills regarding federal regulations waiting for Senate review, Gov. Jerry Brown has made history with the new bill he recently signed. The new bill pledges California will use 100% clean electricity by 2045.

California already had a goal in place to be using 50% clean energy by 2030 — but with this new goal, California will have to be using 60% clean energy by 2030 in order to successfully reach 100% by 2045.

The California Renewable Portfolio Standard Program, which is the state body responsible for regulating public utilities, now requires retail sellers of electricity to be making efforts towards using renewable energy sources to reach the newly established goal. And along with using energy from renewable sources, Brown also signed an order that states California will be removing as much carbon dioxide from the air as it produces by 2045 — which is certainly a daunting task.

Originally, the bill was introduced last yet. But the California legislature received resistance from oil companies, labor unions, and electrical companies. They argued that the bill wouldn’t make a big difference and only cause harm to those in the fossil fuel industry. But fortunately, the bill won approval last month with the help of some big supporters, including former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and former Vice President Al Gore.

Governor Brown has made the past few years a focus on making California a leader on climate policy and hopes to set an example for other states as well. Along with the signing of this new bill, Gov. Brown has made efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state and redesign the cap-and-trade system that requires permits for emissions.

So as California makes its way to going green, Gov. Brown hopes that his remaining time as a public official will be used for good and help lead the way for the rest of the country.

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