California Unemployment Insurance Code Statutory History

Unemployment Insurance Code: As originally passed in 1935, California enacted its first major legislation addressing assistance for the unemployed. The Act was intended to accumulate a reserve to assist in protecting the public against the social effects of unemployment created in future years and it also referred to the national plan of unemployment reserves and social security, making the operation of the Act contingent upon this new post-depression federal legislation. Later, the 1935 Code was superseded by the 1953 Code, which consolidated and revised the law relating to unemployment and disability compensation.

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Unemployment Insurance Code Sections

Sections 602 and 603: Derived from former uncodified § 6.5, enacted in 1937.

Section 606.5: Added in 1986 and amended in 2019.

Section 637.1: Derived from former Unemployment Insurance Code § 637.1, enacted in 1979.

Section 650: Added in 1953 and amended nine times.

Section 803: Enacted in 1971.

Section 1030: Derived from former uncodified § 39.1, added to the 1935 Unemployment Act.

Section 1094: Derived from former uncodified § 97, added to the 1935 Unemployment Act.

Section 1279: Derived from former uncodified § 55, added to the 1935 Unemployment Act.

Section 1327: Derived from former uncodified § 67, added to the 1935 Unemployment Act.

Section 1735: Derived from former uncodified § 46.2, enacted in 1939.

Section 13004.1: Added in 1983 and amended in 1995.

Section 13005: Derived from former Revenue and Taxation Code § 18810, enacted in the First Extraordinary Session of 1971.