State Legislative and Administrative Services

Custom Research

Our traditional custom research provides full research of legislative intent with emphasis on the client’s research focus. This research is provided in pdf format.

COST: We charge a research fee per bill, on a sliding-scale, based upon how soon the research is needed, anywhere from same-day to two-to-three weeks.

For examples of what you may receive in our custom research order, please visit our Sample Page.

Store Research

At our store, bill histories can be purchased for immediate download. Please note that there are limitations to this research that you can review here.

COST: We charge a flat rate of $300 per bill. You will have immediate access to downloadable materials in pdf format.

We charge an additional fee for any materials provided in custom research that are not included in your store-purchased bill file.

For examples of what you may receive in a custom research order and a store order, please visit our Sample Page.

Click here for a more expanded discussion
of the difference between Custom and Store Research

Whether you proceed with custom research or purchase
the legislative history off the store, you can always
request a free quote from one of our attorneys
to help determine which bill you need!