California Streets and Highways Code Statutory History

Streets and Highways Code: In 1872, eight former Political Code statutes addressed the “laws of the highway,” “driver addicted to intoxication,” and “liability of owners for damages done by drivers.” In one example, former § 2931 provided, in part, that when vehicles meet, “the drivers of each must turn seasonably to the right of the center of the highway, so as to pass without interference, under a penalty of twenty-five dollars for every neglect, to be recovered by the party injured.” By the time that the Code was enacted in 1935, the few statutes in the former Political Code were, by necessity, greatly expanded to address California’s prolific traffic laws.

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Streets and Highways Code Sections

Section 102: Derived from former Political Code § 363h, enacted in 1921.

Section 143: Enacted in 1989.

Section 143.1: Enacted in 2006.

Section 154: Added in 1963 and amended four more times thereafter.

Section 190: Added in 1957 and amended numerous times thereafter.

Section 347.1: Added in 1982 and amended in 1988.

Section 680: Derived from former uncodified § 1, enacted in 1933.

Section 703: Added in 1947, amended in 1961.

Section 720: Derived from former uncodified § 1, added in 1903.

Section 890.4: Derived from former Streets and Highways Code § 2373, added in 1975.

Section 941: Derived from former Political Code § 2643, enacted in 1883.

Section 989: Added in 1963 and amended in 1967 and 1991.

Section 2107.4: Added in 1974 and amended in 1980.

Section 2453: Derived from former Streets and Highways Code § 2403, enacted in 1973.

Sections 5220, 5221, 5230, 5258, 5259, 5266, 5267 and 5268: Derived in part from former uncodified § 6, enacted in 1911.

Section 5898.3: Enacted in 1987.

Section 5898.30: Added in 1987.

Section 31490: Added in 2010 and amended in 2013.

Section 32500 et seq.: Enacted in 1949.

Section 32665: Enacted in 1949.

Section 32666: Enacted in 1949.

Section 32667: Enacted in 1949.

Section 36632: Derived from former Streets and Highways Code § 36634, enacted in 1994.