California Points and Authorities

Legislative Intent Service, Inc. has gathered nearly 1,000 California court cases into two main sets of California points and authorities seen below: 1) judicial consideration and 2) statutory construction. Below these California points and authorities, there are additional research aids relating to offering materials in court and researching legislation.

Judicial Consideration – Notes on Decisions

Authority and Procedure for Judicial Consideration – Unabridged,
Updated September 2007

2008 Judicial Consideration Supplement

Statutory Construction – Notes on Decisions

Using Extrinsic Aids in Statutory Construction – Unabridged
(current through 2018), Updated February 2021

Offering Materials in Court

Sample Simple “Motion to Take Judicial Notice”

Sample Strategic “Motion to Take Judicial Notice”

How to Offer Legislative History Documents to a Court
and Issues to Consider in Requesting Judicial Notice,
Updated January 2008

Research Aids

“Researching California Regulatory History”

Suggestions for Utilizing Legislative Intent Materials

Considering Kaufman & Broad Communities, Inc. v. Performance Plastering, Inc.: “Housekeeping at the Third District Court of Appeal”

Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions of Use

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