California Harbors and Navigation Code Statutory History

Harbors and Navigation Code : When it was adopted in 1937, the Harbors and Navigation Code statutes were derived from old enactments and former codes, such as the former Political Code and as well as former statutes of the Penal, Public Contract, and Public Resources Codes. Addressed in this code are private and public wharves and piers, specific bays (such as San Francisco, San Pablo and Suisun), harbor and port districts, the Department of Boating and Waterways, and the Boating and Waterways Commission.

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Harbors and Navigation Code Sections

Appendix I, Section 23: Added in the 1962 First Extraordinary Session.

Section 60: Derived from former Public Resources Code § 6830, enacted in 1957.

Section 62.8: Enacted in the 1966 First Extraordinary Session.

Section 72: Derived from former Public Resources Code § 5829.2, enacted in 1959.

Section 510: Derived from former uncodified § 10, enacted in 1850.

Section 522 – 526.1: Enacted in 1939 and amended 13 times thereafter.

Section 652 and 655Derived from former §§ 652 and 655, enacted in 1959.

Section 716: Derived from former Business and Professions Code §§ 8945 and 8946, enacted in 1957.

Section 1128: Derived from former uncodified § 21, enacted in 1869-70.

Section 1190: Derived from former uncodified § 20, enacted in 1870.

Section 1191: Derived from former uncodified § 19, enacted in 1870.

Section 3000.7: Added in 1963.

Section 6072: Derived from former uncodified § 16, enacted in 1931.

Section 6084: Added in 1961.

Section 6093.4: Enacted in 1953.

Section 6292: Derived from former uncodified § 6, enacted in 1931.

Section 6892: Derived from former uncodified § 7, enacted in 1935.