MCLE Compliance

MCLE Compliance:  California attorneys are required to complete a total of 25 hours of approved Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) credit every three years.  Attorneys must fulfill at least one-half of their MCLE requirements with “participatory” MCLE credit, and they can take up to 12.5 “self-study” hours of MCLE credit.  Within the 25 hours, the attorney must take 4 hours of legal ethics, 1 hour of prevention/detection/treatment of substance abuse or mental illness, and 1 hour of elimination of bias in the legal profession. Legislative Intent Service offers 3 hours of State Bar approved MCLE credit, one hour of which is “legal ethics.” These credits can be used towards meeting MCLE Compliance.

MCLE Compliance, Getting MCLE credits online:  Finding the free self-study exams at LIS is very simple.  Simply go to and open up the “About” bar at the top.  Clicking on the “Free MCLE Credits” will take you to all three free California State Bar approved exams.  Once you have completed the exam and sent it back to Legislative Intent Service, the exam will be graded and you will receive your certificate within one week.