Historical Finds

When researching California bills more than 50 years old, we frequently look to the Governor’s inaugural and biennial addresses for guidance.  Click here to see Governor H. H. Markham’s Inaugural Address delivered on January 8, 1891.

Upon signing key pieces of legislation, U.S. presidents often prepare remarks addressing the legislative effort and goals for the legislation.  President Johnson provided just such a statement on Public Law 90-351, the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968.

When researching federal legislation, we include Congressional debates relevant to the legislation at issue and any committee reports that may have been drafted to accompany the bill.  Click here to view excerpts from the debates on the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968.  And click here to view the accompanying Senate Committee Report regarding the 1968 Act.

The St. Francis Dam failure on March 12, 1928, resulted in the death of 431 people and led to the approval of Senate Bill 723 on June 10, 1929.  Prior to Senate Bill 723 taking effect, there was state supervision over less than half of the dams in the state.

Chapter CLII (152) – An Act to promote the Development of the mining Resources of the United States.